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Blackshear, GA

My Visit to Blackshear, GA


Blackshear, GA, serves as the county seat for Pierce County, Georgia. It is 11km² and according to the 2010 census, has a population of 3445 people. The city of Blackshear was founded in 1858 and is named after David Blackshear, the General who authorized the building of bridges, forts, and roads for defense. He fought in the Battle of Buford Bridge and was the senator for Laurens County in Georgia. Here are my favorite places to visit in Blackshear, GA. 


Pierce County Heritage Museum

Blackshear has a rich history, and you can learn everything about it by visiting the Pierce County Heritage Museum. The museum has several exhibits on the manufacture of tobacco along with a variety of farm tools. 


Back in the day, the main cash crop in the area was tobacco, and the first brick warehouse was built in Blackshear. You can also learn about the Civil War prison camp in the city that housed more than 5000 Union prisoners. There are also several Artifacts from the Civil War. 


There is also a Genealogy Library that has over 200 books on the genealogy of Georgia. You can find information about local families, the county, church, and people. 


Blackshear Railroad Depot

The Depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 and was built in 1917. If you or your kids love trains, this is the perfect place to spend your vacation. If you are touring the museum, you can visit the railroad depot too.


Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club

Lake Blackshear is an artificial lake on River Flint. The lake makes the golf club the perfect place for your wedding and other celebrations. You can also enjoy different water sports, swimming as well as trophy fishing on the lake. The resort is excellent for a honeymoon or a family holiday too. 


Blackshear Geotour

If you and your family are visiting Blackshear, GA, then the Blackshear Geotour is excellent for you. It involves geocaching, which is family-friendly and a great thing to do outdoors. 


If you have been wondering about the best way to spend time with your kids, you can take the geocaching challenge. If you win, you earn a trackable Blackshear Geocaching Challenge PathTag or geocoin. 


If you are wondering about a great city to spend time with your family, consider visiting Blackshear, GA. The city has something for everyone in your family and every occasion.

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