Commerce GA

My visit to Commerce GA is a time well spent in a city that has a glorious past, an impressive shopping experience to offer and also a bright future because of new businesses taking root there recently.


Commerce GA is located on the U.S. 441 Heritage Highway. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of an impressive and historic downtown commercial district which still retains a collection of 19th and 20th century commercial and industrial edifices. They reflect the charm narrated by author Olive Ann Burns in her novel titled Cold Sassy Tree.

I was transported to a more relaxed era when I rode a train to go to the city center and visited the shops and the restaurants. I also visited Banks Crossing to do more shopping at Tanger Outlets and Commerce Crossing.

Commerce GA is also known for drag racing through the Atlanta Dragway which is an NHRA sanctioned track. I listed down the full schedule of events throughout the year including NHRA's Southern Nationals come April. If I have time, I'll fit in one of these exciting events on my schedule.

I also wouldn't miss going to the Funopolis Family Fun Center with its laser tag, mini golf and arcade games. And I got a spectacular view of the North Georgia Mountains when I played golf at Sandy Creek which is at the foothills of these mountains.


When I went around Commerce and caught a glimpse of the giant SK Battery Complex which just opened, I get the feeling that the city would be a great place to raise a family because of the new businesses that are sprouting around the area like this South Korean company.

SK has committed to invest $2.6 billion and will hire more than 2,600 workers by 2024. I like the idea of electric cars being good to the environment and SK will be supplying Lithium ion batteries which are vital parts of electric cars which will be the dominant vehicles of the future.

My visit to Commerce GA has been well worth it. I saw a glorious historical past of the South through it, did some pleasant shopping and golfing and saw the potential of the city as a high tech hub because of new high grade companies sprouting in and around it.

I know I'll be reading something good about Commerce GA anytime in the next few months.


Danielsville GA

My visit to Danielsville GA was truly delightful. There were so many eventful things to do that day, which made my time in Danielsville GA so enjoyable and thrilling. I mention some of the great places I went to in case you are hoping to have an adventurous day in Danielsville GA sometime soon.

1 The Sandbar

I enjoyed the awesome time on the zip line at the Sandbar, which was so impressively scenic. The guides were knowledgeable and truly helpful. Then after my heart and head were pumping full of adrenaline from the zip line experience, it was time to try some kayaking along Broad River, which is undeniably gorgeous. It was a nice five mile float down the river.

2 Team ECCO Aquarium and Shark Lab

The Team ECCO Aquarium and Shark Lab is a wonderful place with much enchanting marine life, as there are over two hundred and seventy-five invertebrates and fish. Furthermore, being an avid lover of reptiles, I was pleased to view thirty different species of reptiles there. Then it was truly exciting to see the shark study tank that held two thousand gallons of water. There were several species of sharks that looked magnificent.

3 Ila Restaurant

I soon became quite hungry with all this excitement for the day so far. But I was not ready to sit down in the restaurant yet for a big meal, as I wanted to go and do some more exploring in Danielsville GA. That is why I decided to order a biscuit to go, which was recommended to me by one of the local patrons of the restaurant. The biscuit was stuffed with country ham, cheese and mayonnaise. It was made with a high standard of excellence and tasted scrumptious. I also got some lemonade to take along with me and a huge chocolate pecan cookie.

4 87 Vintage Market

I love things that are vintage, so I was pleased to enjoy some time at 87 Vintage Market. It was a splendid shopping trip at this market, as I bought many gifts for birthdays and even for someone's anniversary. This is due to the fact that I have a lot of friends who like vintage and antique things like I do. There were some amazing antiques that were even from the United Kingdom. This shop feels like a whole other world and is nicely maintained with many interesting pieces. The staff members are kind and inviting. The owners even offered me some free vintage postcards, because I had bought so many items from them.

Ila GA

I had a wonderful day in Ila GA. Maybe you have been looking for a nice place to get away from the busy pace of life for a while. Then I highly recommend Ila GA, which is why I will mention the things I saw and did for your consideration.

1 The Veggie Patch

I have a real fascination with gardening, which is why I decided to visit the Veggie Patch. This place has vegetables that are certified as being organic. They are all grown in a natural manner, which I truly appreciate. It is good to know that there are farms that refuse to make genetic modifications to the food that we consume. I was glad to visit the various greenhouses of this farm. This place is well maintained and the staff members provide interesting information about the crops that are being grown. I was glad to buy some tasty corn and spinach to take back home with me.

2 Wie's Commerce Country Cafe

Seeing those fresh and organic vegetables at the Veggie Patch really worked up an appetite in me. Thus, it was time for a good hearty lunch. I am sure glad that I stopped by at Wie's Commerce Country Cafe. The place is not fancy, but it sure has wonderful meals with huge servings for under ten dollars. That is why this eating place is so loved by the local residents. The staff members are super friendly and provided some good suggestions for some other activities. I only had time for two more activities, so I could not do everything they suggested. But the two options I chose proved to be valuable, which I share for your consideration as well in case you think you might like to get away for a day in Ila GA.

3 Simply Southern

I enjoyed my time shopping at Simply Southern. This place had a lot of interesting t-shirts. I have some friends who live in the comfort of t-shirts. They have some birthdays coming up soon, so I got each friend three new t-shirts. I decided to get a few for myself as well. The prices were pretty reasonable. By the time I was done, I had spent four hundred dollars on t-shirts, but I did get over ten t-shirts.

4 Hurricane Shoals Park and Historical Heritage Village

I love history. This is why I was elated to be able to visit Hurricane Shoals Park and Historical Village. This area is part of the history of the Cherokee. There is also an ensemble of eclectic historical buildings that have been removed from various sites to be preserved in this area. There are many exhibits that are interesting. The good news is that there is no cost to explore this historical attraction. But there is also mini golf onsite, which does cost a fee. However, the rate is pretty reasonable.

Nicholson GA

I am so in love with nature and being active. That is why when my friend told me what he and his wife had enjoyed doing in Nicholson GA, I had decided that it was time to take a trip there myself to spend a day. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, I highly recommend taking a day to yourself to go to enjoy some great time in nature and some fun activities in Nicholson GA to help you get refreshed.

1 Slow Water

Slow Water is the perfect place to go, as I was fully surrounded by nature. I floated on a tube down a lovely, peaceful river. The beautiful trees and the thrilling sounds of the birds made the day so relaxing and peaceful. The place was easy to find and I spent several hours here. I also enjoyed some fishing.

2 Dancing Tree Farms

I had not been horseback riding in years. My friend was right when he said that I would thoroughly enjoy my time of horseback riding at Dancing Tree Farms. I found the trails to be well laid out. The horse I had was easy to control and provided a nice, steady ride. It was wonderful to be able to ride across several expansive acres and to feel the breeze in my face. I felt such freedom and relaxation.

3 Thai Spoon

Then it was time for lunch, as I was ravenously hungry after those exhilarating activities. This was a late lunch, as I had spent many hours at both previous places. I decided to go to Thai Spoon, as I was craving some Thai food. That craving had been with me for two weeks. This restaurant proved to be a real gem. I completely devoured the delicious chicken rolls that were made with bell peppers, basil leaves, minced chicken, onions and celery. The spring roll shells were so soft and the plum chili sauce was pleasantly sweet for dipping. Then I also enjoyed a decadent shrimp pad thai of thin rice noodles that were fried along with cabbage, eggs, green onions carrots as well as fresh lime.

4 Code 4

I have a co-worker whose wife recently had a child. I had not given him and his wife a gift yet. I enjoyed browsing Code 4 that sells baby items and baby furniture. This co-worker had helped me out in some difficult situations, so I was feeling generous. I bought three cute and cozy blankets for the baby, a new high chair, a few large packs of diapers, three plush toys, two outfits and a car seat. My friend had mentioned that they needed an extra car seat for the baby, as they have two vehicles. All the items at Code 4 are well made and are nicely designed.