Warm Springs, GA

I had been wanting to go visit Warm Springs GA for a long time. I finally had two days off and decided that I would spend one of them there. Indeed, it was exciting to start up the car engine to have a great day trip. I was glad when I finally arrived at my first stop. I will tell you about what I saw and did in case you would like to visit there too.


1 Little White House


It was nice to see the pristine and well cared for Little White House. This is a small house that President Roosevelt had constructed when he was serving as the governor of New York. He would still find his way back to the terrific and relaxing home when he was the President. He had suffered from a stroke in the home. You will notice a portrait that is unfinished, which was being made of him at the time that the stroke unexpectedly struck him. This is somber, but it is good to be reminded of the important people of history.


2 The Bulloch House Restaurant


I then needed something to eat, as I had driven without any breakfast. This meal would be like a brunch for me to tide me over till later in the afternoon or evening. That is when I decided to try the Bulloch House Restaurant. The buffet was so delicious and I loaded up my plate with many different tasty things that I really like. The ambiance offers real southern charm that is so amazing. I particularly enjoyed the green fried tomatoes and the plump popcorn shrimp, along with crepes stuffed with delectable strawberries and mounds of cream.


3 Historic Pools Museum


I decided to visit the Historic Pools Museum, which I found to be ultra educational. I always enjoy learning new things. Here I learned how the warm springs helped to bring relief to many people who had been stricken with polio. I am glad they had a place where they could get some help. The springs now are not operational, but it was nice to see the place. Maybe someday the springs will be open for people to soak in again.


4 Wolf's Den Hiking Trail


I always love nature. I had a great hike at Wolf's Den Hiking Tail that is well maintained. The park at the radio station is impressive along the trail. The waterfalls are breathtaking. I had to take pictures of the waterfalls. It was exhilarating to cross some streams and muddy paths as well. I did get a good workout on the way back for sure, as the return trip is all uphill. Then it was time to head back home.


Valdosta, GA

My Visit to Valdosta GA


Are you looking for a thrilling tour destination within Georgia? Valdosta GA is the place to be. Besides, the city located South of Georgia has long welcomed tourists cherishing the epitome of animal encounters, outdoor recreation, and thrill rides. Popularly known for its A.K.A, the "Azalea City," the city saw its first occupants in 1860. By then, the town acted as a stopover for commuters using the railroad. Today Valdosta has exponentially grown to a frequent tourist destination. Here are the places I toured during my staycation in this beautiful city.


  1. The Grand Bay Wetland Education Centre


The center has an approximate half-mile extensive footpath through breathtaking everglades towards the prominent 54-foot observation tower, the Grand Bay Wetland Education Centre. Being a nature-enthusiast, I proceeded to the top of the tower to catch the spectacular view of the center stretching over 2,000 acres. 


  1. The Wild Adventures Theme Park


A visit to the park guarantees a lifetime experience ranging from thrilling rides to scenic views of exotic animals and a glimpse of jaw-dropping performances. Besides, how cool is it to have a firsthand experience on a high-ranking park within the cohorts of U.S. News and World Report? 


  1. The Crescent at Valdosta Garden Centre


Tired of the long drives or walks, I maneuvered my way for a rest within the center. Built in 1898, this historic crescent hosts over 20 rooms that have dominated the National Register of Historic places since 1980. 

A more icing to the cake, the landmark Centre got its name from the 13 columns to represent the predominant Georgian colonies. If you are likely, you may witness various flow shows and antique sales during your visit. Ooh, did I also mention the landscaped gardens provide the perfect spot to "ring her finger" bucked up with a glitzy ceremony? 


  1. The Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum


Being an excellent student in History and Linguistics, I couldn't let the opportunity to tour the Museum flop. Immediately you set foot into the 10,000-square foot Museum, the history of Valdosta GA springs to life. I took my sweet time to look at artistic photographs and documentaries under the guidance of the friendly docents.


The fun continues outside, with scenic outdoor displays that include an old cane grinder, a train caboose, a belfry, among other ancient agricultural machinery. On the extreme end sits an old-fashioned log transport cart and a pioneer cabin, and a spore of historical plants. 



That's it, folks! I just painted a snippet of what to expect in Valdosta. The ball is now on your court. When writing down your Georgia itinerary, Valdosta should top the list!

Newnan, GA

My Visit to Newnan GA


Newnan is one of the smallest cities in Georgia in the United States, but the size of the city does not determine the kind of experience you may have when you visit it. The upcoming city is full of good places and activities to make everyone choose it as their tourist destination in the next holiday. Therefore, your visit to the United States will not be complete without visiting this city in Georgia.


The 13 Stories Haunted House


One of the places where I visited was the 13 Stories Haunted House 320 Temple Avenue, Newnan. I enjoy horror experiences, and if you are like me, you will enjoy the experience in the Haunted House. It will give you an experience to remember all the time. It is located in the beautiful city off Newman Metro Atlanta, and it is a popular tourist getaway. The thrilling experience in this place is likely to give you Goosebumps. It is one of the places that should be on your list of places you do not want to miss.


Coweta County Riverside Park


I also visited Coweta County, Riverside Park. The park is open for fun activities. If you love enjoying the on-ground activities, you should not leave this park on the list of must-visit places in Newnan. There is a lot lined up for you in the park that you are spoilt for choice. I enjoyed fishing and kayaking, which for me was quite a treat. The place gave me a homely feel and is located away from the commotion of daily life. It is also an ideal place for a long trek picnic, and visiting the place will give you a bag of unforgettable memories.


Lynch Park Pools


Lynch Park Pools, Newnan, is a great place for swimmers. What I enjoyed most is the free entry. It created a great saving for me and was also greeted by a neat pool with clean waters, making it a perfect place to be with your kids. The splash fountain and the side water can keep your kids busy as you explore the deep waters. You cannot overlook their very interactive staff. It is an ideal place where I spend quality time with my family.


Carl Miller Park


I also visited a fun-filled park, the Carl Miller. It is a great spot where I enjoyed myself the whole day with my family. It is a 14-acre expansive public park that offers facilities suitable for both kids and adults. It also has multiple playgrounds for the young ones.


I did not get time to visit every place but the ones I did make my holiday. Newnan is a place that you should not visit for a day. However, with so many wonderful attractions, you can give yourself more than a treat for the holiday.

Franklin, GA

I decided to take two friends from work with me down to Franklin GA for the day. We had not taken much vacation time, so we each booked one vacation day this week in the middle of the week just for an interesting change of pace in our busy lives. We had packed breakfast with us to eat in the car. Then we decided that our first stop should be a park to get some fresh air and exercise. Let me tell you about our great trip in case you would like to visit Franklin GA as well.


1 Franklin City Park


The park is in good condition and has a lovely walking trail along the river, which we thoroughly enjoyed. There were several benches along the way. We took some leisurely rest on the benches to talk, relax and laugh. We took some pictures in front of the river, which turned out so beautifully. We tossed around a volleyball in the park for about an hour as well. By then, we were hungry, as we had passed three hours in the park. The time went by so quickly.


2 Main Street Diner


Someone in the park suggested that we try the Main Street Diner. We headed over there immediately. I truly enjoyed my buffalo chicken sandwich. It was so good that I got three more to take with us for an afternoon snack. I had a cooler in my trunk and the diner gave me some ice for the cooler free of charge. I thought that it was nice of the people there to do that Thus, we were able to keep the sandwiches cool. Then my friend enjoyed his tater tots and chicken tenders. My other friend indicated that her burger was tender and juicy. The food was indeed tasty.


3 House of Stuff Auction Center


My friends like shopping for used items. They find many unique things. I have started enjoying buying second-hand items as well. I got a large chest that was made of beautiful oak. I will use the chest for storage. One friend found some great tools, as he likes to collect old tools. The other friend found some nice items for her crafts, as she likes to make many different things. The place was clean and impressively spacious. We spent at least three hours there looking at so much stuff.


4 The Double Scoop


We were feeling indulgent. Even though we had sandwiches in the cooler in the vehicle, we were craving something sweet. We enjoyed strawberry ice cream at the Double Scoop along with some fantastic lemon pastries. The coffee was also hot and well brewed. It was a nice experience. 


Then it was time to head home. About an hour and a half later, while still in the car, we decided to have our tasty buffalo chicken sandwiches for supper. I am glad I brought them with me from the Main Street Diner.

Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville, GA, is the county seat for Fayette County and, according to the 2010 census, has a population of 15945. It was founded in 1822 and was named after Marquis de Lafayette, a Revolutionary War hero. It was incorporated as a city in 1909. Fayetteville, GA, has a rich history and is an excellent place to visit for you and your family. 


Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum

The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House has been a landmark in Fayetteville, GA, for many years. It was built by the Holliday family in 1855 and gets its name from the people that have lived there. 


If you love history and old buildings, you will love this house. Walking into the house is like taking a step back in time. The museum includes a Veteran Room, Fayette County authors exhibit, and The Gone with the Wind exhibit. 


The Veterans' Room helps demonstrate the county's respect for local heroes and veterans who have fought to preserve American freedom. The Fayette County Authors room includes work from local authors such as Ferrol Sams, Robert Burch, and Jim Minter. 


Starrs Mill Park

If you and your family enjoy picnicking or fishing, you should visit Stars Mill Park, Fayette, GA. The building on the site was constructed in 1907, but the site also included a dynamo and a cotton gin. 


Today it is owned by the Fayette County Water system. The site has a dam, a house, and 16 acres of land. Stars Mill Park is open throughout the year and can be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your loved ones. 


Southern Ground Amphitheater

Whether alone or with family, the Southern Ground Amphitheater, Fayette is an excellent spot. During the summer you can enjoy free concerts and family films under the stars. If you are on a budget, it is a perfect place for a date or evening with the family. 


The Amphitheater can seat 1500 people and has a 55-foot stage. If you run a non-profit organization, the area is available for rental and is excellent for events. 


Prime Community Park 

The Prime community Park provides a peaceful place that members of the community can enjoy. There are several paths that you and your family can stroll on. 


If you are looking for an excellent place to spend your weekend with your family, you should consider Fayetteville, GA. It offers many opportunities for relaxing alone or with your family. There is something for every member of your family, including your children. 


Fairburn, GA

Fairburn GA


I have my mind set on visiting different places in Georgia, so the one that I decided to visit this time was Fairburn GA. Fairburn GA is just seventeen miles outside of Atlanta. But I really liked the smaller size of this place to get away from the big busy cities. I did some fun things, which I will share with you here in case you are passing through Fairburn GA someday.


1 South Fulton Dog Park


I took my dog in the car with me, as she likes to go on road trips. We headed to South Fulton Dog Park to let her get out and have a good walk. We even jogged around parts of the park. The park is a good size and has some nice treed areas. It was clean and free of trash. We were there for about an hour. We sat on a bench and just relaxed for a while after our walk and jog. Then I headed to my friend's place where she lives in Fairburn GA, so she and her husband could watch my dog for the day as I went to other places.


2 Old National Park


I enjoy watching sports live. That is why I decided to go to Old National Park. It was fun to talk with some of the coaches who are really proud of their players. Also, it was good to see that the park is under the watchful care of the police, which ensures a high level of safety. There is plenty of parking at this park and I learned that it is open twenty-four hours per day. I watched about an hour of football.


3 Oz Pizza


I was starting to get hungry and decided that I would go try some pizza. Someone at Old National Park recommended Oz Pizza. I am glad the person did. The pizza slices were great. The pizza was hot and fresh. It had lots of toppings and scrumptious cheese. The restaurant was efficient and clean. The staff members were friendly and they brought the food to my table.


4 Old Campbell County Museum and Research Room


It was nice to consider the history of the region at the Old Campbell County Museum and Research Room. The staff members took great pride in telling me many interesting historical facts and stories of impressive people of the region. It was fun to sense that I was stepping back in time as I viewed the various intriguing artifacts.


Then it was time to get my dog and head back home. My friend and her husband insisted that I join them for a barbecue of spicy sausages, which were served with potato salad and coleslaw. It was nice of them to do that and my dog seemed pretty satisfied with her pieces of sausage as well.

Blackshear, GA

My Visit to Blackshear, GA


Blackshear, GA, serves as the county seat for Pierce County, Georgia. It is 11km² and according to the 2010 census, has a population of 3445 people. The city of Blackshear was founded in 1858 and is named after David Blackshear, the General who authorized the building of bridges, forts, and roads for defense. He fought in the Battle of Buford Bridge and was the senator for Laurens County in Georgia. Here are my favorite places to visit in Blackshear, GA. 


Pierce County Heritage Museum

Blackshear has a rich history, and you can learn everything about it by visiting the Pierce County Heritage Museum. The museum has several exhibits on the manufacture of tobacco along with a variety of farm tools. 


Back in the day, the main cash crop in the area was tobacco, and the first brick warehouse was built in Blackshear. You can also learn about the Civil War prison camp in the city that housed more than 5000 Union prisoners. There are also several Artifacts from the Civil War. 


There is also a Genealogy Library that has over 200 books on the genealogy of Georgia. You can find information about local families, the county, church, and people. 


Blackshear Railroad Depot

The Depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 and was built in 1917. If you or your kids love trains, this is the perfect place to spend your vacation. If you are touring the museum, you can visit the railroad depot too.


Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club

Lake Blackshear is an artificial lake on River Flint. The lake makes the golf club the perfect place for your wedding and other celebrations. You can also enjoy different water sports, swimming as well as trophy fishing on the lake. The resort is excellent for a honeymoon or a family holiday too. 


Blackshear Geotour

If you and your family are visiting Blackshear, GA, then the Blackshear Geotour is excellent for you. It involves geocaching, which is family-friendly and a great thing to do outdoors. 


If you have been wondering about the best way to spend time with your kids, you can take the geocaching challenge. If you win, you earn a trackable Blackshear Geocaching Challenge PathTag or geocoin. 


If you are wondering about a great city to spend time with your family, consider visiting Blackshear, GA. The city has something for everyone in your family and every occasion.

Ball Ground, GA

My Visit to Ball Ground GA

Located in Cherokee County, Ball Ground North Georgia is a small town full of history. The city dates back to the 1800s where the Cherokee and the Indians used to play recreational stickball. It is from these games that the name of the city was derived.


Find out what makes Ball Ground GA an excellent tourist destination.


Picnics at Calvin Farmers Park

Cherokee County is known for its parks and entertainment centers. And Calving Framers Park is one of them. A park is an excellent place for families as it has two picnic areas, kids playing ground, and a large open fine; however, the one thing that stood out for me about this park is that it allows pets. It also has several hiking trails that are suited for different levels.


Wine At Feather Edge Vineyards

If you are looking for a great way to unwind, the rustic charm and the wine offered at the Feather Edge Vineyard is likely to do the trick. This beautiful winery is found on the North side of Ball Ground GA, and it has a refreshing garden setting. When you get to this winery, you will have a chance to sip wine while enjoying great music. At the same time, this is a great place to mingle with the locals and the


Enjoy Vintage Flights

It is fascinating about Ball Ground GA that despite being small, it is the home of large and several World War II planes. You can get into these planes and fly around. This is an opportunity for you to fly in unmatched first-hand sights on the remaining dual-flight control planes. If you like adventure and are not afraid of a bit of risk, you can ask to control the plane. The exciting north side part about getting into these planes is that you get a piece of history with you.


Wonder At the Trails

One of the newest recreation facilities on Ball Ground is the Eagles Beak Park. The part is beautiful and is known to help guest recreation choices. There are several walking trails for you to choose from. You can also enjoy the field. This is one of the best ways you can use to relax and enjoy nature. If you want, you can choose to take the trail alone as you meditate or with someone so that you can bond.


Final Thought

When planning a holiday, most people pass small towns like the Ball Ground GA, which is a huge mistake. Though the town is small, it is intimate, and one offers some of the best places where guests can relax and rejuvenate.