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Fairburn, GA

Fairburn GA


I have my mind set on visiting different places in Georgia, so the one that I decided to visit this time was Fairburn GA. Fairburn GA is just seventeen miles outside of Atlanta. But I really liked the smaller size of this place to get away from the big busy cities. I did some fun things, which I will share with you here in case you are passing through Fairburn GA someday.


1 South Fulton Dog Park


I took my dog in the car with me, as she likes to go on road trips. We headed to South Fulton Dog Park to let her get out and have a good walk. We even jogged around parts of the park. The park is a good size and has some nice treed areas. It was clean and free of trash. We were there for about an hour. We sat on a bench and just relaxed for a while after our walk and jog. Then I headed to my friend's place where she lives in Fairburn GA, so she and her husband could watch my dog for the day as I went to other places.


2 Old National Park


I enjoy watching sports live. That is why I decided to go to Old National Park. It was fun to talk with some of the coaches who are really proud of their players. Also, it was good to see that the park is under the watchful care of the police, which ensures a high level of safety. There is plenty of parking at this park and I learned that it is open twenty-four hours per day. I watched about an hour of football.


3 Oz Pizza


I was starting to get hungry and decided that I would go try some pizza. Someone at Old National Park recommended Oz Pizza. I am glad the person did. The pizza slices were great. The pizza was hot and fresh. It had lots of toppings and scrumptious cheese. The restaurant was efficient and clean. The staff members were friendly and they brought the food to my table.


4 Old Campbell County Museum and Research Room


It was nice to consider the history of the region at the Old Campbell County Museum and Research Room. The staff members took great pride in telling me many interesting historical facts and stories of impressive people of the region. It was fun to sense that I was stepping back in time as I viewed the various intriguing artifacts.


Then it was time to get my dog and head back home. My friend and her husband insisted that I join them for a barbecue of spicy sausages, which were served with potato salad and coleslaw. It was nice of them to do that and my dog seemed pretty satisfied with her pieces of sausage as well.

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