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Franklin, GA

I decided to take two friends from work with me down to Franklin GA for the day. We had not taken much vacation time, so we each booked one vacation day this week in the middle of the week just for an interesting change of pace in our busy lives. We had packed breakfast with us to eat in the car. Then we decided that our first stop should be a park to get some fresh air and exercise. Let me tell you about our great trip in case you would like to visit Franklin GA as well.


1 Franklin City Park


The park is in good condition and has a lovely walking trail along the river, which we thoroughly enjoyed. There were several benches along the way. We took some leisurely rest on the benches to talk, relax and laugh. We took some pictures in front of the river, which turned out so beautifully. We tossed around a volleyball in the park for about an hour as well. By then, we were hungry, as we had passed three hours in the park. The time went by so quickly.


2 Main Street Diner


Someone in the park suggested that we try the Main Street Diner. We headed over there immediately. I truly enjoyed my buffalo chicken sandwich. It was so good that I got three more to take with us for an afternoon snack. I had a cooler in my trunk and the diner gave me some ice for the cooler free of charge. I thought that it was nice of the people there to do that Thus, we were able to keep the sandwiches cool. Then my friend enjoyed his tater tots and chicken tenders. My other friend indicated that her burger was tender and juicy. The food was indeed tasty.


3 House of Stuff Auction Center


My friends like shopping for used items. They find many unique things. I have started enjoying buying second-hand items as well. I got a large chest that was made of beautiful oak. I will use the chest for storage. One friend found some great tools, as he likes to collect old tools. The other friend found some nice items for her crafts, as she likes to make many different things. The place was clean and impressively spacious. We spent at least three hours there looking at so much stuff.


4 The Double Scoop


We were feeling indulgent. Even though we had sandwiches in the cooler in the vehicle, we were craving something sweet. We enjoyed strawberry ice cream at the Double Scoop along with some fantastic lemon pastries. The coffee was also hot and well brewed. It was a nice experience. 


Then it was time to head home. About an hour and a half later, while still in the car, we decided to have our tasty buffalo chicken sandwiches for supper. I am glad I brought them with me from the Main Street Diner.

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