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Warm Springs, GA

I had been wanting to go visit Warm Springs GA for a long time. I finally had two days off and decided that I would spend one of them there. Indeed, it was exciting to start up the car engine to have a great day trip. I was glad when I finally arrived at my first stop. I will tell you about what I saw and did in case you would like to visit there too.


1 Little White House


It was nice to see the pristine and well cared for Little White House. This is a small house that President Roosevelt had constructed when he was serving as the governor of New York. He would still find his way back to the terrific and relaxing home when he was the President. He had suffered from a stroke in the home. You will notice a portrait that is unfinished, which was being made of him at the time that the stroke unexpectedly struck him. This is somber, but it is good to be reminded of the important people of history.


2 The Bulloch House Restaurant


I then needed something to eat, as I had driven without any breakfast. This meal would be like a brunch for me to tide me over till later in the afternoon or evening. That is when I decided to try the Bulloch House Restaurant. The buffet was so delicious and I loaded up my plate with many different tasty things that I really like. The ambiance offers real southern charm that is so amazing. I particularly enjoyed the green fried tomatoes and the plump popcorn shrimp, along with crepes stuffed with delectable strawberries and mounds of cream.


3 Historic Pools Museum


I decided to visit the Historic Pools Museum, which I found to be ultra educational. I always enjoy learning new things. Here I learned how the warm springs helped to bring relief to many people who had been stricken with polio. I am glad they had a place where they could get some help. The springs now are not operational, but it was nice to see the place. Maybe someday the springs will be open for people to soak in again.


4 Wolf's Den Hiking Trail


I always love nature. I had a great hike at Wolf's Den Hiking Tail that is well maintained. The park at the radio station is impressive along the trail. The waterfalls are breathtaking. I had to take pictures of the waterfalls. It was exhilarating to cross some streams and muddy paths as well. I did get a good workout on the way back for sure, as the return trip is all uphill. Then it was time to head back home.


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